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Tony Waldman is a voice actor who plays Mr. Monopoly in Hasbro's Monopoly Junior app, originated the yellow Hungry Hungry Hippo voice, performs as Transformer Rescue Bot Boulder and Sam in the Guess Who app, Marcel and Gulab in Genshin Impact, and Claude, Gord, and Shah Torre in the Mobile Legends game world. He has voiced national and international commercials and radio spots that include Coca-Cola's product Surge and its return to Burger King, narrated voices in the Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery game app (Professor Binns), played the lead character in the hit indie video game "The Slater," brought life to E! Entertainment's Kentucky Derby spot for "Visit the USA," and voiced a Peavey Electronics video for DJ and co-founder of Public Enemy, Keith Shocklee.

His voice: A charismatic, genuine, friendly, millennial and reassuring voice that can morph into a deep, aggressive and tough Wolverine type character or the old man yelling at the kids next door!

Based in New York City, voice actor Tony Waldman has been compared to a diverse cast of people including Jon Hamm, Will Arnett, John Krasinski, Tom Waits, Mike Rowe, Paul Rudd, Barry White, James Earl Jones, Matt Damon, David Attenborough, Sam Elliott, Morgan freeman, Ving Rhames, Josh Lucas, Chris Pratt, and Bradley Cooper. Whether you need voices for your commercials, radio, TV, video games, or any kind of business, Tony is up for any challenge and is SOURCE CONNECT and phone patch ready from his home studio (Aston Origin Mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Isovox 2, Logic Pro X).

Tony Waldman Commission (first).png

It was a genuine pleasure getting to listen to your work and I can not WAIT for the world to hear what you can do as well. Very much looking forward to working with you again soon!

Stephanie Dickson (


Tony is awesome and I cannot recommend him more highly. He was the voice of Mr. Monopoly in our Monopoly Junior app (Hasbro licensed). He made the whole process so seamless for us. He is friendly, super talented, and so great to work with. He was a critical part of the project, a great communicator and always came through for us. Thank you Tony!  

Shaan Kandawalla (PlayDate Digital)

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